‘I wanna be a millionaire, so freakin’ bad’ – or do I?

As much as I love this song by Bruno Mars, I don’t agree with it. I actually don’t want to be a millionaire. Why would I? Buy all the things I never had? – like what exactly? A size 10 body and feminine feet? Be on the cover of Forbes magazine? – why? So I … Continue reading ‘I wanna be a millionaire, so freakin’ bad’ – or do I?

It Will All Be Worth It

One thing I have come to realise in my adult life is that pregnancy is such a blessing. It is not guaranteed that a woman will fall pregnant just because she has all the correct parts/organs to do so. Watching repeat episodes of The Jeremy Kyle Show or even walking around the town centre and … Continue reading It Will All Be Worth It

Dress Sizes; friend or foe?

Ladies, answer me this; what is your dress size? If you can answer with a number, just one number with no explanation necessary, then bravo. You are one in a million. My answer would not be so simple… it would be along the lines of ‘well I’m a 14 here and a 16 there but … Continue reading Dress Sizes; friend or foe?