‘We were just colleagues’

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The recent publicity over the return of a much loved series has not gone unnoticed by people. ‘There is no such thing as bad publicity’… well, maybe there is.

I only came across this series in 2004, when I was 16. The show had officially ended, but before the time of streaming and downloads, we had these things called DVDs. Fascinating things, allowing us to watch episode after episode, no longer needing to rewind like those old-fashioned VHS tapes. They were the future.

After several years of binging, deciding between friends who was the ‘Carrie’ (me, of course), who was the ‘Samantha’, ‘Miranda’ and of course ‘Charlotte’, there was no moment in life we couldn’t link to an episode of SATC.

When the first movie was released, it was the milestone we were waiting for. Something new in SATC we could witness, and witness we did at the Cinema (twice). It was the ending we all needed. Did we love the second movie as much? No, but we didn’t hate it either. It was our favourite foursome doing what they do best, going through their middle years of life and being fabulous (if not in a slight bit of danger in the middle east…)

Source: Google

But how do we feel about the upcoming series minus Samantha?

It was reported that Kim was questioned about this in an interview, and she referred to her cast members as colleagues, not friends. My first reaction was surprise and judgement, but then I wondered why I was judging her? We all have colleagues, some we love more than others. One of my best friends is someone I met through one of my many jobs. I couldn’t imagine life without her, but the hundreds of people I’ve worked with… half I couldn’t tell you their names.

Just because we witnessed four fabulous friends living their best lives on screen doesn’t mean they had to be best friends off screen. How many colleagues have you had to pretend to get along with for an easy life?

I will no longer judge her for her decision, I respect her for taking a step back. As much as she will be missed!

Am I looking forward to it being just the three of them? It will certainly be interesting to see how they acknowledge her absence. Hopefully Samantha has relocated to London to be PR to the Duchess of Cambridge, or something else just as fabulous!

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