Debbie’s Antics – October 2019

Well this month has taken forever, don’t you think?? Although I think November will fly by in a flash. So, what have I been up to this month?


I have been working very had on ‘Holiday Date‘. There is a plan for the final section all ready and this evening I have made a start. My word count is now up to 29,012. Not bad ey! Getting started on the final section has been so hard, there has been a lot of procrastination (for example, writing a blog about what I have been up to this month). But it feels like I am starting a whole new book… the pressure to get it right is tough! I’m trying to get to the same word count as ‘Blind Date’ (if not more) so I need another 20,000 words. But even if I don’t reach that in the first draft, there will be a lot of editing to do. I’ll do a full read through and see if there are any gaps that need filling.

Abberton House

I’m still not ready to make my announcement yet… that will hopefully come in November… can you guess what it might be??


Last night I submitted my first assignment for this module. Terrifying stuff… with doing Creative Writing I’d like to think I’ll pass with flying colours but just because I think it’s alright, and my readers enjoy it… it’s down to my tutor… Wish me luck! I will share my results 🙂


So this month I have read two books… ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ and ‘Twas The Nightshift Before Christmas’. Both excellent and have been reviewed on my other site: << Make sure to check this out. I loved ‘Crazy Rich Asians’ so much I actually bought the film. The film started out alright… but the ending was so rushed. I know films miss stuff out because of timing issues but i felt a little disappointed.

I am now reading ‘The Southern Belles’ by Katie Simpkins as well as listening to ‘The Family’ by Louise Jensen on audiobook (my 45 minute drive to work is only appreciated when there is an audiobook, haha!) Both fantastic so far, so reviews to follow next month.



Other things I have been up to…

Image may contain: 5 people, people smiling, people standingOn Saturday, my friend and I went to see a show. This show was something I have never experienced before… when my friend invited me, I said yes without even thinking about it, ha! It was called ‘Spontaneous Potter’. And the title said it all. It was total improvisation of a cast of hilarious actors bouncing off each other to create a 100% made up play. A title was suggested, one I cannot remember, and they just went for it. >> There I am in the centre with the cast. You can find out more about them here >> and if you get the chance to see them, I recommend you go for it. We were laughing from the off! I jumped at the chance to meet them afterwards and they were a lovely bunch. Very talented actors. I commended them on their ability to remember storylines they create on the spot, being able to return to anecdotes mentioned briefly only half an hour previously. When I write a book, a well planned book that rules my life, I still have to flit back to previous chapters because I can’t remember what I named someone! They were superb and I will see them again if they return to the area.

Since the clocks have gone back, the problem with my computer timing has sorted itself out, yay! Although now I look at the time and assume it is wrong… I’ll get used to it soon enough. Probably the week before it is time to put the clocks forward again.

I think that’s all I have to report for now… my month has been all about my assignment and ‘Holiday Date’.

Well, back to writing 🙂 chat soon my lovelies!

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