Shopping for Perfume

How do you decide which perfume to buy? Are you like me and stick to the one you like? I always thought that most people just repeatedly bought the same one over and over out of loyalty, but now, I think it is because people cannot be arsed testing out all the different perfumes there are out there. And quite rightly so!

Who on earth wants to go to one of the perfume shops and ask the poor assistant to spray samples of all the possible perfumes on those strips of paper? I mean, seriously, there are loads of them. Each brand has several different kinds under their name. There must be an easier way to sample them all.

When I was younger, I would get all the girly magazines which had a strip of a sample inside a page and you could smell what it was like from the comfort of your own home. That was such a good idea. I think they had them in Cosmo.

I was thinking today, when you want a new carpet, you can look through strips of carpet samples. It was the same when we ordered our new kitchen. There was a binder full of different worktop samples. Can’t we have the same for perfume?

A binder full of pull back strips so you can take your time, weigh up what you like the most and what you dislike. Instead, we have to send the poor shop assistant back and forth and have them wait and wait and wait for us to sniff different pieces of wet paper (which always has too much sprayed on it so you can’t make out the perfume but more of an alcohol smell). There is so much pressure to decide. And what if you don’t like any of them very much? You just know the shop assistant is cursing you in their head, ‘make your mind up, for gods sake, I was due my break fifteen minutes ago’.

My current perfume is Paco Rabanne Olympea. I didn’t go into the shop and test it out though, I smelt it on another person and practically accosted them to ask what it was. Then I went to buy it. It ran out earlier this year and today I decided to treat myself to something new. That’s a lie. I decided last week but the thought of going in and doing the whole ‘can I try this, can I try that, and this one, and that one, which one was this again?’ Oh, it gave me heart palpitations. So I didn’t do it. But today, I found myself with a free half hour after work so… I went in.

I looked at all the choices behind the counter. There were too many. I couldn’t actually focus on what I was looking at because there were that many, they all blurred in to one. Just as I thought about leaving;

‘Can I help you?’ the girl behind the counter asked.

‘Erm, yes, have you got Paco Rabanne Olympea?’ Sod it, I’ll just get the one I know I like.

‘Yes, which one?’

Oh no, they have more? What happened to just the one?

‘Erm, what kinds are there?’

There were three other kinds, as well as the old favourite. I got testers for all three of the new ones and picked Intense. A little bit more expensive than the old fave, but a girl needs a treat every now and then.

I am happy with my choice. It feels like ages since I’ve smelt like anything other than Persil and Sure deodorant, but I wish there was a simpler way to pick out perfume.

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