‘Whatever you do… don’t mention the war!’

If Fawlty Towers was remade, I imagine that very famous line would no longer be considered funny. We can talk about the war now. We can talk about anything now. Well… unless you’re talking about a TV show you love that someone else doesn’t.

I’m noticing a lot of TV shaming going on lately and it really gets to me now. I don’t think people realise the impact that they can have with their innocent jibes.

Growing up (well, my teens up until now) I’ve been a fan of Hollyoaks. Nowadays I watch it more out of loyalty than anything else, but as I’ve put up with it for near fifteen years, I must like it. (See what I’m doing? I’m defending myself before I’ve even started this blog! I LOVE HOLLYOAKS. There) Anyway, over the years, certain people have said ‘oh, it’s shit. Why do you watch it? It’s crap! I don’t know how you can stand it!’ And I’ve put up with it because, well, do I want to take it personally? No. Do I like the programs that this particular person watches? No. I don’t begrudge them for it but if they want to be immature that’s up to them. But this is a TV program that I like. Something that I enjoy doing, and you’re trying to put me down for it? Really? I know my husband doesn’t like a lot of the stuff I watch but he doesn’t try make me feel bad for it. On occasion he has suffered through my TV choices but most of the time I save it to watch when he’s not around. The same goes for Love Island.

People who know me know that I am not vain, I am not glam and I do not aspire to be like any of the reality TV stars. Particularly the Love Island contestants. They don’t influence me at all. BUT I do enjoy watching it. Millions of people do. It is created as entertainment and so it entertains us. A lot of people also don’t find it entertaining, so don’t watch it which is fine as no one if forcing them to watch it. So why are these same people quick to trash something they don’t even watch?

If you look at the Love Island Facebook page, every time they post a clip of the show, they are met with a barrage of abuse from non-watchers. Some of it is actually quite cruel. All I can think is… if you don’t like seeing it, keep on scrolling or BLOCK THEIR GODDAM FACEBOOK PAGE. You don’t HAVE to see it. You are choosing to comment on their page. You can actually genuinely upset people. Whether you meant it innocently or not, you really do have to be careful. Families of the current contestants have police investigations going on at the moment because of abuse being sent to them on Instagram, because it can become very unnecessarily nasty, and once you’ve written it, it cannot be undone. You might not realise it, but it’s almost bullying.

I’ve always avoided commenting on the Love Island page because then people will know that I watch it and may think less of me. But you know what? Bollocks to them. Yes, I watch it. That 1 hour episode is an hour of my life I’m not running around busy either working, mummying, authoring or house-ing. Life becomes busy once you grow up, apparently, so if I want to watch some trash TV then let me get on with it.

Peoples love of shows like Love Island is no different to people loving soaps, dramas, documentaries or sports. Not everyone will enjoy the same show. A fair few years ago, I was stood in line in London to watch the XFactor semi finals and suddenly a crowd of goth attired folk walked past and started shouting at us all that we were ‘sad’, ‘pathetic’ etc. I mean… really? You are judging us? You of all people should understand what it is like to be picked on for something you like. I’ve witnessed many goths/moshers being taunted for their appearance over the years.

So, everyone, listen to Debbie. If someone expresses that they like a certain TV show, and you don’t like said TV show, try this… get over it. Move on. If we all liked the same stuff, it would be a very dull world. You don’t need to express such nasty opinions.

(This isn’t just a Love Island thing by the way… it is TV shows in general that can be so popular but so hated at the same time)

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