Changing Times, Changing Discs

Isn’t it funny how quickly things change in such a short space of time? Especially when it comes to media.

Last night, Husband and I were watching ‘Men Behaving Badly’ (a classic, 90s British comedy sitcom to you young uns). Gary and Dorothy were choosing a VHS to rent and suddenly Husband and I started to remember the world of VHS and when DVDs came out.

I remember our first DVD player. It must have been 2000/1, and Mum and Dad had just bought a posh new tele. It was posh because it was silver, widescreen (which was a new thing too) and had a built in DVD player (see, posh). We still had videos of course, in time they became cheaper to buy than DVDs but eventually, they were phased out altogether and DVDs were the best. No fast-forwarding or rewinding. They had bonus extras like deleted scenes, bloopers and interviews. I had a huge collection of ‘Friends’ on VHS, I had to convert and buy them all again on disc!

By the mid noughties, no one had VHS anymore. So, bare in mind this was only 10-15 years ago… why am I now so frustrated by DVDs when I loved them so much?


We have Netflix, Prime, Now TV. Not forgetting YouTube and all the catch up apps. You can watch an entire box set without needing to move to change a disc. You can watch it on your phone too. So convenient!

What is inconvenient is when you need to revert back to DVD…

I wanted to do a full ‘Downton Abbey’ binge to get ready for the film coming out later in the year. The entire series is available on Amazon Prime so I can watch it in bed or on my phone when out and about. Perfect 😊 but what’s this?? Amazon have taken it off Prime! Sneaky buggers. Knowing full well there are loads of folk wanting to watch it before seeing the film and will pay extra to do so. I can’t pay extra so was a bit pissed off to say the least.

Now… I do actually own the box set on DVD. But the idea of faffing with changing discs, I almost didn’t bother. Until I thought back to the days of watching ‘Friends’ on VHS. There were 4 episodes to a tape (apart from the last one in series 3 which had 5) so there was a lot of rewinding back and forth.

Those were the tough days to be a binge watcher. Kids today have no idea! So, I have decided to battle on with this box set. I can do it!

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