My motherboard, My sanity

With the hours and hours (and hours and hours) of ‘Peppa Pig’ I have to endure with a toddler in the house, I never thought it would inspire a blog!

Lately, technology and I have not had the best relationship. To be completely honest, I am really pissed off with it!! It is so bloody unreliable and I have potentially lost a lot of work.

I’ve always just saved my documents to a laptop, but knowing that they can randomly die at any moment, I started using an external hard drive (‘You don’t back up?’ Aiden asks Carrie, the writer, on ‘Sex and the City’). It was perfect. I could save to it and then move between my laptop and computer as much as I wanted. I loved it! It was easy to use and all of my work would be safe. Right?


The other week I plugged it in to my computer and… empty. I unplugged it (after safely ejecting it), put it back in and… empty. Tried my laptop… empty. Where was all my work? Years and years of writing has been erased and I have no idea if it can be recovered. I daren’t look at the files on my laptop and computer because then I will know which files have gone forever. So that is my biggest beef with technology.

I’ve told a few people about it and the responses have been ‘Why don’t you use the cloud? Why don’t you use google drive? Why don’t you use drop box?’ …. WTF are all of these programs? I have never heard of them! They don’t exactly get advertised and they weren’t about when I was in school and saving everything to blank cds. The only danger with them was getting a scratch on the disc. But after this experience, I don’t know what to trust. What’s to say that the cloud won’t crash and die? How do we know the internet isn’t going to implode in itself and all online-saved documents aren’t going to melt in internet space and never be seen again? Just how reliable is technology?

You’re probably wondering what ‘Peppa Pig’ has to do with all of this. If you’re not familiar with the episodes (you lucky sod) they’re aimed at toddlers/young children. Maybe watch a quick one on Netflix and then come back to this blog…

So in this particular episode, Mummy and Daddy Pig have taken Peppa and George to the pond so they can play with their boats. George’s boat is a wind up boat, Peppa’s is a sail boat, Susie Sheep has a motor boat and Danny Dog has a steam boat. All different types of technology to power a boat. I watched this episode and wondered… what happens when the wind-up ends? What happens when the motor stops? What happens when you run out of steam? In the end, they all opt for Daddy Pig’s boats which he folds out of newspaper pages. They blow them across the pond. Wind will never run out. Batteries die, motors die etc, but nature always wins.

Will this ever happen to us? One day, way in to the future (I hope), will technology fail us on such a huge scale? There was a TV series a few years ago, I’m not sure if it still runs as we gave in watching it, but I’m sure it was called Revolution, and that is what happened. All the power died and the people had nothing. Could it actually happen? Could we lose internet, electricity? How would we cope without it? I know there are villages/tribes of people who cope without such things, but I honestly don’t think our society would be able to cope without technology.

I realise I have probably got myself a little paranoid after my traumatic experience of losing everything on my hard drive… but that is what happens when you have a crazy imagination haha. Could it happen though?

Technology in general has not been my friend lately. My laptop seems to be pissed off with me too. I’ve been using my computer more and more so the laptop might go a week without being used. It ALWAYS seems to do an update. It ALWAYS seems to need to configure. Today, it took just over 20 minutes to switch on. It is only 2/3 years old, what is wrong with it? (before anyone suggests me buying a Mac..I haven’t learned how to crap money yet so I am going to stick with windows for now).

If I haven’t said it before on social media… I HATE TECHNOLOGY!



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