The Great Dental Rip-Off

Does anyone else think that the whole dental care thing is turning in to a rip off? Forget the fact that it is now £21.60 for a ten-minute appointment (think of how much they are earning per hour…), its everything else they want you to do to ‘care’ for your teeth and gums!

I remember the days when you were told to just brush your teeth. That’s what people have been doing all this time and it’s been fine. But its not just brushing anymore…

A few years ago, I was told to buy an electric toothbrush.

Then I was told flossing was the way to go.

Then I was told it was important to use mouthwash.

Then I was told it is vital to use those between-teeth brushes.

And now I’m being told it is imperative to brush your gums too.

All of the above takes me about fifteen minutes. FIFTEEN MINUTES! Who has time for that kind of commitment?

Not to mention everything I have to buy to make sure I stick to the above routine. When it comes to keeping teeth looking white, I have an OCD. I am very insecure when it comes to showing teeth in case they look manky and yellow. I’m assured by everyone that my teeth are in fact very white but insecurities don’t tend to listen to reason. So this means I go through dental paraphernalia quite quickly. I go through a normal sized tube of toothpaste almost weekly. My last one lasted only eight days, and it’s only me in the house that uses that toothpaste. Floss doesn’t last very long either so I feel like I’m constantly buying that (Superdrug selling some at 3 for 2 by the way… very handy!) And I’m using my mouthwash at least twice a day now too. I dread to think what I spend on my teeth per year.

I’m told that I have gum disease.

Dentist: “Your gums are swollen, that’s why you experience bleeding when you brush”

Me: “My gums haven’t bled whilst brushing/flossing/between brushing for years!”

But apparently, I have gum disease. Something my husband thinks is hilarious given how much time of my day is spent cleaning my teeth and gums. He almost fell off his chair when I told him because he knows how strict my brushing routine is.

Going back to the cost of a check up, I can’t believe how expensive it is now. £21.60! It’s no wonder people don’t bother going to the dentist. Given that minimum wage is £7.83 per hour, who is going to spend three hours pay on a check up? On my last visit, I accidentally timed how long I was there. From the time I was called from the waiting room to the time I was leaving the dentist room, only 4 minutes passed. So my 4 minutes for my appointment cost me £21.60. Was it worth it?

If not for my OCD in dental hygiene I would be one of those who didn’t bother going. It’s all just too expensive. Do you agree?

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