Disney Princesses: The Enemy?

It has really upset me that people are banning Disney movies from their homes because they don’t want their daughters having the princesses as their role models. They want their daughters to rescue themselves, not wait to be rescued. Also, it is not setting a good example of consent by letting a man kiss you whilst you sleep. Yes, Disney is not setting a good example. I know, right… But the main thing I want to talk about tonight is the idea of Disney Princesses being bad role models for our girls.

       I have an eleven-month-old daughter and I can’t wait to watch Snow White, The Little Mermaid and Sleeping Beauty with her. I grew up with those films and so will she. She will watch them with me and sing the songs and dress up (whether she wants to or not! Ha!).

       This whole thing about educating girls to rescue themselves and banning Disney from the house… come on, have a word with yourself. We can vote, get equal pay, what more do these feminists want? In all seriousness though, we have a female police commissioner, a female prime minister and a female head of state (Queen) to be role models for our girls, but don’t forget the one woman in my daughter’s life who will be her MAIN female role model…. ME!

          Me! I work my arse off in an office whilst studying in my own time for a university degree, I write short stories, blogs and novels, I run a house and make damn sure she has clean clothes to wear and good food to eat. And everything else I do and will do as a mum. I am her female role model. Not a character from a ninety-minute cartoon. Those who are lucky enough to have mums have their role model right in front of them. They can watch whatever kinds of movies they want, it is up to YOU as the parent to educate them about what to expect from life.

         My daughter will watch Disney films and fantasize about Prince Charming rescuing her. She will then move on to fantasize about getting a Hogwarts letter and becoming a witch. And much later she will fantasize about living in New York with her friends drinking Cosmopolitans. Which I will do when I have been to Hogwarts. (Come on Owl, I’m still waiting…)

        Even if girls are watching the Disney princess who has been locked away by her evil step mum waiting for the prince to save her… who’s to say she will want to grow up to be the princess? What if she wants to be the prince instead? She might get a taste for helping rescue other people in need, is that a bad thing too and worth banning Cinderella and her all singing all dancing mice?

       I don’t know anyone who has been badly affected by watching Disney. None of my friends have taken to sleeping in a glass coffin outside or losing their shoes on a night out (soberly). Disney is for entertainment, not education. Let kids be kids.

One thought on “Disney Princesses: The Enemy?

  1. Who made Keira Nightley the arbiter of good parenting? Come back in twenty years Keira and let’s see if your daughter is so outrageously different to everyone else’s daughters who have been brought up on romantic fairytales. Let’s hope she isn’t a huge disappointment to her mother, or worse, that her mother isn’t a huge disappointment to her…

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