F*ck The Silence

In a time where we are encouraging people to talk about their thoughts and feelings, I feel like I am being forced in to silence. Silence, in case my words cause offence. But, I wouldn’t be offending everyone. The elderly don’t care, my parent’s generation don’t care and children don’t understand enough to care. The ‘victims’ in life are the millennials. Be careful around the millennials. You might hurt their feelings. Mind the eggshells…

            I am a millennial but I have managed to get to the age of thirty without thinking the world is against me. I have my views. For example: I like to drink my tea milky. I enjoy watching Hollyoaks. I don’t like butterflies. I’ve never been a fan of Adele. I think Jeremy Kyle is a legend. Don’t like any of that? Ok, don’t make me a cuppa, don’t invite me to a butterfly house, don’t listen to music with me, don’t watch tele with me. Want to take the piss? Ok, go for it. As long as you don’t call me a ‘fat cow’ then I have no reason to be offended.

            Recently, millennials have been referred to as the ‘snowflake generation’. And I totally get it. I am not a snowflake (unless you trick me in to a butterfly house, then I would need therapy for life).

On my Facebook page, where it is my personal space to be myself, I’ve had to mute things I’ve wanted to say. Now, I have to be careful anyway as I work for Local Government, but I can still express myself. Recently I have had to mute anything vegan related. Do not joke with vegans. (Not all, I have to say. Not all vegans blow up at the slightest comment). However, earlier in the year a family member said on Facebook that they’d changed their diet to veggie/vegan. Now, this family member spent all their life mad on meat. We’re Italian. There is no life without it! But because I dared to express sarcasm/humour on this change in their life, I was mocking their ‘lifestyle choice’ and they were upset/offended. I must point out, all of my views listed above, this family member has mocked every single one. My lifestyle choices. (Except for the butterfly fear, that is common sense, not a choice). Do I care that they’ve mocked my lifestyle choices? Couldn’t give a f*ck. But suddenly, the tables have turned. I cannot joke about their change in diet. I caused upset. I am a bully.

But people wonder why there is a stigma against veganism. Stop being so frigging sensitive!! I eat meat. You don’t. I drink cow’s milk. You don’t. I eat eggs. You don’t. Move on.

Another snowflake sensitive issue is LGBTQ. Firstly, you could almost turn that in to an Old Macdonald song. Secondly, the gay community spent decades trying to be accepted. Eventually, society accepted you. But why are you separating yourselves from the straight folk? Why can’t it be LGSBTQ? Why can’t we all be in it together? You’re isolating yourselves. Or rather, you’re isolating the straight folk and causing a divide.

In August, I went down to London to visit my best friend. We were walking around Southbank and wandered in to a venue (to get out of the rain) and there was a variety show celebrating the LGBTQ community. Dances, singing, comedy, it was amazing. I admit, the first thing we walked in on before realising what was going on was a woman dressed as a baby with hairy armpits dancing to a very odd song and we did think ‘what the chuff…’ but once we figured out what was going on and had some context, we sat down to enjoy the rest of the show. But then I thought… gay people have spent a long time suffering and not being accepted or allowed to be included in things. So, if I, a straight person, asked to be involved in the performance, would I be sent packing? “Erm, no, you’re straight so you’re not allowed. You’re not part of our community.” Have the tables turned? Are straight folk going to be pushed out of society?

Tonight, on Facebook, I offended someone of the LGBTQ community. They posted something, I commented a clear joke (not sarcasm, not even taking the piss, it was a light hearted well-intentioned humorous comment). Wow… I am surprised my head is still attached after the response I got. The point was made that this person was of the LGBTQ community and so I was not funny. I am a bully, clearly.

I can tell you FOR A FACT that I am one of the most accepting people in the world. I have straight friends, gay friends, vegan friends, religious friends, black friends, Asian friends, and friends that like butterflies. I don’t make a point of labelling people. “Oh this is my gay friend Mark who is mixed race and ginger and Jewish”. No. “This is my friend Mark”. Yes.

To be honest, I think the whole labelling of sexuality is bullshit. I am not straight, I don’t fancy every man that walks. I am attracted to tall, dark hair, white skin, great sense of humour and a cock attached (ideally not on the head). I’ve fancied women in the past, but I’m not bisexual. You’re attracted to who you’re attracted to. Stop being obsessed with labels!! Maybe if we stop being so obsessed with labels, then we can stop tiptoeing around everyone.

So, to the ‘friend’ that I clearly offended with a light-hearted comment? How dare you try make me feel bad. Ciao. Unfriended. Shame on you.

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