All The World’s A Fix

Is anyone else getting sick of hearing the phrase ‘It’s a fix!’ For God’s sake, whenever anything doesn’t go someone’s way, they bring out the ‘fix’ card. It seems as though every day there is a new claim. People have nothing better to do than claim something is fixed. Here are just a few:

     The Great British Bake Off. The week that Stacey got star baker and Liam was sent home. IT’S A FIX! No, you moron, it isn’t. I was not a fan of Stacey, but she deserved star baker that week. The fact that she broke her oven door and still managed to complete her bake shows she worked great under pressure. I panic making the perfect cup of tea if I drop the used tea bag on the floor (which happens more often than it should), but Stacey performed amazingly well. Yes, Liam was ace but accept it, the judges made the right decision for that week. They are the professionals when it comes to baking, not us.

     The X Factor. Every year, there are claims of this show being a fix. No matter how much ITV can justify what happens, those few saddos are adamant that something fishy is going on. No, you idiot, nothing fishy is going on. It’s a TV show!

     It’s 2017 and they have changed how things are done, finally! It all seems new, fresh and fun again. I applaud them for making these changes. I hated when it came down to the judges vote on the live shows. Now, it’s all the public choice. So, with my five free votes on the app I joined in the fun. And with the reduced time to make the votes I had to be quick! I voted on the Saturday night, I voted on the Sunday night. But then, on the Sunday night, you get another chance to vote for the favourite of the whole weekend, and only minutes to do it! Eek! I picked up my phone, opened the app, and it wasn’t working. Chuffing technology. I closed down the app and restarted it and then it was working again, so I voted with time to spare. Lovely. Today, however, I see circling on social media that the whole thing is a fix because the app went down during the limited voting time! Seriously? Was there a higher force interfering so one of the top two acts had a better chance of winning a trip to New York to meet Pink than the other? Have a word with yourself…

     The Chase. There was an episode earlier this year where a contestant (who is a bee keeper) was asked a question about bees. So yes, obviously, the big wigs at ITV planned this so the poor guy could get that particular question right. The bosses of the program purposely mess about with the questions, all at the expense of our entertainment… No, you tit. It’s a bloody game show. There is no fix. And anyway, does it really matter??? The world does not stop spinning because one guy got lucky with one of his questions. How many times has Paul Sinha been asked a question about Hinduism yet got it wrong? They’re not going to take out those questions because there is a chance he would (and probably should…) get it right.

     These are entertainment programs. The illuminati are not prowling and waiting for their next big conspiracy claims hidden in our media. If you don’t agree with what happens or think the TV bosses are pulling the strings, how about you stop watching these shows? Simples. Stop littering my newsfeed with tales of fix claims, you sound like a fool.

     It is not just in our media where these claims are made. It happens in local elections, general elections, and recently with Brexit. The people who are not happy with the result claim it must be a fix because it didn’t go their way. Just accept it. Unfortunately, shit happens, and there is nothing you can do about it. Spitting out your dummy will not make a difference.

Rant over.

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