I am Woman, hear me state a few opinions…

This has been a subject I have been longing to write about, but put it off due to fear of offending someone. Have you noticed that we now live in a world where the most innocent statement can unintentionally come across as racist/sexist/homophobic etc? ‘Freedom of Speech’ is no longer a thing, no words are safe from those over sensitive ears, and quite frankly I have had enough.     Facebook is a strange business. I have my own personal page where I should be allowed to be myself and post my own opinions to reflect who I am, but I can’t! I can post a picture (or a thousand) of my cat, advertise my books, share a meme about wedding planning, but give my political opinion? For heaven’s sake, no! World war 3 would break out if I even dared to admit that I voted Tory. God forbid I use my one vote for myself and not the people who would sacrifice me to save themselves when the zombie apocalypse happens (and it will happen…).

            So here we go, I am going to share a few things about myself and my views. For the love of John Snow, do not take offence. No offence is intended. I only mean to break the barrier and allow people an opinion again. If you offend easily or think you may retaliate by making me feel bad about any of it then I urge you to close this down and not read any further.

  • I am very anti-vegan

     I eat meat. I drink cow’s milk. I do not take the time to check if any products I buy are tested on animals. There, I said it, I am guilty. I am part of the injustice that goes on in a world where ‘there are alternatives to animal products’. My negative opinion on vegans has come on very recently. I have no issues with anyone who wants to live a vegan life. Just like I do not care if someone wants to be vegetarian, gluten free, halal etc. Each to their own. I will cater to anyone’s requirements if it came to it and I would eat any food they gave me (unless it contained peas). I honestly DO NOT CARE. A person has a right to choose what they eat. I do, however, have an issue when people try and impose their beliefs/preferences on me or try to make me feel guilty for what I choose to eat and those kinds of actions only comes from vegans.

     My brother and his animal loving wife recently rescued four battery hens. The poor things had lived a monotonous life in a cage popping out eggs under artificial light. It was not a good living. They now have a huge outdoor area with grass, fresh air, the sun and most importantly love and affection. You can’t help but look at them and hear Mel Gibson shouting ‘Freedom!’ at the top of his lungs. It is wonderful what they have done and if they had more room I know they would have rescued them all. As they are chickens, they have been doing what chickens do naturally … laying eggs. Shock horror! In the short time they have had the chickens, they have laid quite a few eggs. My brother, quite rightly so, used his Facebook page to show off the rent he had received from them, bearing in mind they did not rescue them to save a few quid buying eggs from Tesco. It should have been a happy post with wonderful, happy comments… but a vegan got there before the rest of us. We were all soon educated how ‘human intervention’ has affected the evolution of chickens. We have caused them ‘stress’ and they no longer get the calcium they need because we steal the eggs and throw away the shells. Really??? Even if that is the case… this is 2017. Chickens are not extinct or in danger due to lack of calcium. We eat eggs. They are good for us for various reasons. As long as the chickens are well cared for who cares? My brother’s chickens will be very spoilt hens. The fact that they are rewarded with fresh eggs every day is a bonus. Do not try and make them feel guilty after they did a very good deed that not everyone can do! But of course… you cannot say anything against this. Vegans are very well educated in their beliefs (so much that I am now convinced you have to take a course and qualify to be vegan) and if you dare state your opinion which differs from theirs it turns in to a full-on debate. Many times, I have had to force myself to keep on scrolling, just ignore what these people share on Facebook and do not retaliate with an opinion against it because they will do all they can to tell you that you are wrong. But I’m bloody sick of it.

     One vegan post which really pissed me off was about cow’s milk. Apparently, we are guilty of stealing breast milk from calves. Yes. Stealing breast milk! Forget about the fact that even with human babies, after a few months they are weaned off the breast and on to solids. But, oh no, those poor calves are born and ripped away from their mothers so we can steal the milk for our own selfish needs. Erm … how about those calves need to grow up and learn to be independent from their mothers once the very experienced farmer decides it is time for them to be weaned? I have never met a cruel farmer in my life. I’ve witnessed cows giving birth and living freely in the field being watched over and cared for by the farmers. Just because there is one video circling around of a farmer abusing a cow does not mean all farmers are the same. There is a video circling the internet of a young lad kicking his dog in the face on a train, does that mean all dog owners are abusive???

  • My cat is a house cat

     Some of you will read that and think ‘so what?’ but there are people out there who think this is cruel. I have heard that the RSPCA will not allow you to adopt a cat if you intend on keeping it indoors. I could be wrong, but that is what a few people have told me. I have a few reasons for not letting my kitty have the freedom of the outside world; cars, dogs, randomly going missing, people who want to hurt them for fun. Why wouldn’t I want to protect her?

     Do not get me wrong, as we have a huge, enclosed garden we let our cat go out there when the weather is good and she really enjoys herself. She chases flies, she eats grass, she continues her war against the neighbour cat (another story for another time) and then when we decide it is time for her to come inside we bring her in where she continues her indoor life. Cruel? Here’s something you should know about my cat. This is her house. She rules the roost. She is also my fur-baby and is very spoiled. She has got my fiancé wrapped around her tiny little paws and knows how to win him around if she wants her dreamies. If she wants a cuddle and some love she comes to me. She sleeps on my bed (on my feet!) and will knock my phone out of my hand to make way for herself if she wants to sit on me, but when she wants those dreamies, she goes all ‘Puss in Boots’ and wide eyed to my fiancé and he cannot resist her. She is probably one of the luckiest and happiest cats that exists. So why do people judge me for keeping her inside? Every chance I get I feel like I have to post a photo on facebook of her in the garden to keep those negative thoughts away (and keep the RSPCA from knocking on my door).

     She is my cat. I know what is best for her. Do not judge me. I know of too many people whose cats have gone missing and it is heart breaking. I refuse to be one of them.

  • I voted Leave

     There. I said it. Alert the authorities. I, just like over half the country, voted to leave. This is the first time I have openly admitted this. Not because of shame, I would vote it again and again and again. Had I voted Remain I would have been allowed to voice this opinion loudly and proudly, but, oh no. If you voted to leave then you are racist, you want people to suffer, you are a Nazi.

     Here’s a little something about me … I am descended from immigrants. My family come from all over Europe and came to England for work and a better life. So why would I want to vote Leave? Let me tell you, the majority of my family voted Leave too. Does that not tell you enough about the state of this country? We need to start again. Our resources are drained. There are many factors in my decision and if you want to discuss it with me, feel free to contact me about it. I do not have any beef with anyone who voted Remain. It was their right to vote for what they wanted. Our choices in this matter come from what we see and experience in our lives. My choice was to Leave. Deal with it.

  • I do not agree with people being ‘gender neutral’

     There is a trend lately of people deciding to live their lives, or force their children, to live gender free. They are not known as male or female. I do not understand the logic in this. You could call it ignorance in the subject, but I seriously do not get it.

     I can just about get my head around those who believe they were born the wrong gender and wanting to change however I disagree with women wanting to become men but still having babies. If you want to be a man then that is fine, but you should forfeit the right to bare children because that is the beauty of being a woman. Men do not have babies. I don’t care how many headlines say ‘Man gives birth to his own child’, if he has ovaries and a vagina then at that moment in time he is a woman. The only man I enjoyed watching going through labour was Arnold Sschwarzenegger, but that is where I draw the line.

     There was a story in the papers recently about a couple, who had each swapped genders, who had a baby and were raising it to be genderless. If you tell the world that your child has no gender, what happens as they get older and go to the doctors with severe cramps? How is that doctor going to be able to differentiate between period pains or something serious without asking awkward questions such as “Do you have a penis or a vagina?”

     You cannot live a genderless life. Men and women will always be different. We will always have male and female sports teams because, no matter how strong and brave our women are, male strength is greater and they will not be equally matched. You could never put men and women together in rugby because no man in his right might would want to harm a woman. We will also always have male and female rest rooms. I for one will never share that experience with a man in the cubicle next to me. Why should I? Because if I refuse I will offend someone who chooses to be gender free? Well I choose to be proud of being a woman, what about my feelings? Do they not matter anymore? Have my rights gone out the window because of a new trend where we have to be sensitive to the needs of others? The world is going mad.

    In the future, if my child comes to me and says ‘Mum, I am gay’ or ‘Mum, I am in the wrong gender’, my response will be ‘… ok but, you’re not a vegan, are you? Please tell me you are not vegan?!’

     A final note on this subject, we have spent the last one hundred years (or more) fighting for women’s rights; the vote, equal pay, equal opportunities etc. Why do we want to throw all that away now and be genderless? Let me tell you, I am woman and you will hear me roar on this matter.

  • Breastfeeding in public

     I do not agree with breastfeeding for everyone to see. I believe it needs to be covered up. Yes, it is the most natural thing in the world. Yes, when a baby needs feeding you need to do it wherever you are, but I don’t want to see it. I am pregnant now and I intend on breastfeeding, but I will not be doing it in public. It is a boob. It is my boob. Why would I want strangers to see my boob? I wouldn’t want my male colleagues to see it, and I’m sure they feel the same. I wouldn’t want my male relatives to see it, and I am certain they feel the same! How awkward would my brother feel if his little sister whipped out her swollen boob during a family meal? It needs to be covered up. But this is another thing where you can be hung, drawn and quartered for even daring to suggest this opinion. I will not be forced to breastfeed for all the world to see because a select few people are offended (and make a huge song and dance) about those who disagree with it. Less is said about those parents who take their toddlers to Greggs on a morning and feed them sausage rolls than those who decide to cover up whilst breastfeeding. Sort your priorities out people!

     I will have to stop myself here because I could really go on and on about this. It has felt good to get some things off my chest. I will end this post by repeating a point… do not take any offence in this! No offence is intended. I simply want the freedom to share my opinions without being hunted down. Thank you for reading.


2 thoughts on “I am Woman, hear me state a few opinions…

  1. Hi Debbie
    It is so refreshing to read this piece as it has now become the trend to only say what everyone else is saying and not step out of line and actually have your own opinion, just in case someone might take offence. As long as it’s not hurting anyone, what’s the problem?
    I agree with your item about indoor cats, I wish I could keep mine indoors. My cat Oliver (I have 2) came in last week limping. I took him to the vets and it turns out he had a cat bite on his back paw that had gotten infected. The poor little thing, he was in agony. He’s been on antibiotics, painkillers and anti-inflamatories, but the worst thing was having to wear a buster collar (those funny white cones you see on other dogs and cats). It was awful, he was so depressed and kept banging into things. He knocked a cup of tea over because the couldn’t see it and nearly knocked his sister Millie, out when he tried to rub heads with her.
    Keep on writing these blogs, maybe it will encourage more people to say what they actually mean.


    1. Thank you Cat. It’s something I have been trying to write for a while but was so scared of people’s reactions but I’ve has such good feed back 😊
      I’ve seen in the news today about a girl who dropped a cat in a wheelie bin and trapped it in there …there are some horrible people in the world 😦
      I’m so glad you enjoyed it! I’ll keep I’m with my rants lol X


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