UFO: Unidentified Fearfully-Frightening Object

Our eyes can be very clever at times. They know how to play tricks on us, especially at night when we are tired. Normal household items are transformed in to something completely different. Under the cover of darkness, curtains can look like a man standing in front of your mirror watching over you, a pile of clothing on the floor can look like that dog you don’t have and a calendar on the wall can resemble Charlie Chaplin (true story…). Darkness and tiredness are a dangerous combination if you are not thinking straight, but I like to think that at my age I can tell the difference between tricks and reality.

                Last night, my eyes played a trick on me, however… it was truly terrifying! Immediately I tried to question the logic behind what I was seeing but the more I tried to focus and look at this particular shadow, the more it scared me and I found myself hiding under my duvet like a small child.

                Our bedroom is on the top floor. We are in the roof, have velux windows on both sides and our bed is in the centre of the room. Our black out blinds do their job so it manages to be a dark room during the summer months when the sun decides to stay out so late. I was having a very disturbed sleep, waking randomly or when my beloved would ‘accidentally’ wake me up due to my whistling breathing (not so much snoring this time but this hay fever has been a pain in the bum and blocks my nose up at night!). On one of these random occasions of waking up, I switched positions to face him and happened to glance up at the ceiling. What the fudge was I looking at???

                It was a round shape, the size of a bicycle wheel, and I could not take my eyes off it. Before I could even focus on it, I knew it was not right. Being that I am a grown up, and having my Dad tell me more than a hundred times about the old eyes playing tricks game, I knew there would be a logical explanation for what I was looking at. Somehow, there would be a ray of moonlight (even though it was pissing it down with rain) shining through the 5mm gap in the blind, in to a glass on the bedside table causing a large circular reflection/shadow on the ceiling. That had to be it, right?

                Suddenly, as my eyes began to adjust, the circular shape resembled a face, with actual facial features. Not only that, it had hair. A short bob. I looked, and I looked, and I was looking at a face. My childhood fears suddenly came from nowhere and I threw the duvet over my head and turned back to face the other way, away from this shadow monster looking down on us.

                A little later on, I was slightly awake when I heard my partner laughing in his sleep whilst turning over. This made me smile, what was he dreaming that was so funny? Maybe he dreamt that I’d had my annoyingly blocked up nose removed so would no longer bother him with snores and whistles… Anyway, I decided on changing positions too so turned to face him forgetting about the shadow monster for a moment. I soon remembered and figured as it was my eyes and imagination having fun, it would now make sense to me if I looked again. So, I looked.

                It was still there. Eyes, nose, hair… it was a demon shadow face. And it was frigging looking at me. What the chuff was it doing? What did it want? Was it my fault? Instead of taking my pregnancy vitamin before bed did I accidentally take some acid and was now tripping? I have to wake my partner so he can look too…. No, I can’t wake him. It is his last day off work and he needs to rest before his six days of twelve hour shifts commence. I can take a photo! Photo evidence will prove I am not losing my mind! No, that won’t work. It will be too dark to pick anything up and a flash will kill the shadow as well as wake him up.

                Come on, it is not a demon shadow face, it is a shadow. It is coming from somewhere. What is it? I think and I try rack my brain, but nothing is making sense! The more I look at it the harder my heart is beating and the more freaked out I am becoming. I have to stop looking at it. It isn’t moving and isn’t making any noise. I can at least sleep through it without the need to abandon ship and sleep in the garden. Once again, I childishly throw the duvet over my face and turn back over.

                Once more, I am woken up. Not quite sure what did it this time, but I am awake. Do I have a third peek at the demon shadow face? Do I dare? They say, ‘third time lucky’, so maybe on my third attempt I will see straight away what it is. I brace myself before turning around to look at the ceiling. ‘Raindrops on roses’ and all that jazz playing through my head to keep myself calm. ‘Debbie’ I say to myself, ‘you’re 29 years old. You’re going to have a baby. You cannot hide away when your child runs to you after being spooked. You need to be the grown up.’

                I pull the duvet down off my face whilst facing the other side of the room. My eyes adjust to my surroundings. It is still dark outside. Slowly I turn to face my beloved who is sound asleep and look up to the ceiling.

                It’s gone. There is nothing there. It is just a blank, white ceiling naturally darkened by the night. I did not know whether I felt relieved that my nightmare was over, or more freaked out that there was something there that I saw twice that has since decided that enough was enough and left me alone. What the chuff was on my ceiling?

                Logical answers are most welcome!

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