Debbie is a multi-genre indie author from West Yorkshire. When she is supposed to be hard at work either writing or studying… she writes a blog instead. If there were awards for procrastination… she would win 1st place every year.

Author of; Blind Date, Holiday Date, Abberton House, The Runaway Girl and The Cellar and Other Short Stories.

Coming soon: One Book Away, Bramble and Friends

twitter: @Debbie_Cleo

11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Debbie
    I’ve just started following your site and read some of your lovely stories, I especially liked Buttons and Lions. I would like to publish a novel someday and have already started writing one but feel I need to gain more experience in story writing. I thought about setting up a blog and publishing some of my short stories to get some feedback but I was worried about copyright, would my stories be covered if they are published in a blog? Could someone steal them and publish them as their own?
    Did you get any advice on this before you published your work? If so, could you help me? I really would like to set up a blog and get some good feedback on my writing.
    Best wishes
    Cat Rowan

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    1. Hi there 🙂 thank you for taking the time to read my work!

      Regarding copyright I didn’t seek any advice I just started to post anything I wrote and wanted to share. I trust that everything is dated when I share it so have that to back up that it is my work and everything is written in a notebook first showing rough drafts and where ideas came from etc.

      I recommend using WordPress, and let me know when you do start posting so I can follow you too 😊

      Some of my writing is from uni assignments. My blogs are just random rants haha


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      1. Thank you Debbie, I’ll keep a note of all my stores and dates just in case. I’d hate for my work to get stolen and used by another person.

        I’ll let you know when I get set up, thank you once again for your advice.

        Best wishes


      2. I’ve never heard of it happening. Some of work may be inspired by the work of another but direct copying or stealing I’ve not come across. Maybe I’m far too trusting when posting my own work lol

        Best of luck 😊


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      3. Thank you Debbie, I think I may be a bit paranoid! I’ve been looking at other writing blogs and they have all posted their short stories so it looks safe enough.
        It’s really exciting and I’ve just started another short story so this may be the first to go on my new blog when I set it up.
        Many thanks

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    2. Hi Cat just read your posts on Debbies blog there are lots of new writers here on WordPress its a very friendly place to be. Drop by and say hi to us when you set up your own blog we love sharing stories. Happy Writing Su from Indie Book Banter and UK Indie Lit Fest. 🙂

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      1. Hi Su
        Thank you for your comments, I shall indeed look out for your blog and other writers on WordPress. I am just finding my feet at the moment and it is a bit daunting but exciting at the same time.

        I am currently looking to join a writing or book group in Manchester which is near to where I live but not having much luck yet.

        Best wishes

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    1. Thank you Su. I’ve liked your Facebook accounts and I’m now following your blogs and on twitter. I didn’t think about my local library, what a good idea I shall get in touch with them. If all that fails I could start my own!
      I’ve just set up my blog and done my first post which was exciting.


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